Assembly Instructions of Cinnamon Futon Bunk Bed


Follow the information on the warnings appearing on the upper bunk end structure and on
the carton. Do not remove warning label from bed.

Always use the recommended size mattress or mattress support, or both, to help prevent
the likelihood of entrapment or falls.

Surface of mattress must be at least 5 in. (127 mm) below the upper edge of guardrails.
Do not allow children under 6 years of age to use the upper bunk.

Periodically check and ensure that the guardrail, ladder, and other components are in their
proper position, free from damage, and that all connectors are tight.

Do not allow horseplay on or under the bed and prohibit jumping on the bed. Prohibit more than one person on upper bunk.

Always use the ladder for entering and leaving the upper bunk.

Do not use substitute parts. Contact the manufacturer or dealer for replacement parts.

Use of a night light may provide added safety precaution for a child using the upper bunk.

Always use guardrails on both long sides of the upper bunk. If the bunk bed will be placed
next to the wall, the guardrail that runs the full length of the bed should be placed against
the wall to prevent entrapment between the bed and wall.

The use of water or sleep flotation mattresses is prohibited.

STRANGULATION HAZARD–Never attach or hang items to any part of the bunk bed
that are not designed for use with the bed; for example, but not limited to hooks, belts
and jump ropes.

Keep these instructions for future reference.

Use only mattress, which is 37 1/2″ – 38 1/2″ width and 74″-75″ long on upper bunk (twin size.)
Ensure that the thickness of the mattress does not exceed 6″ and that the mattress surface is at
least 5″ (127mm) below upper edge of guardrails.

Adult Assembly Required. This package contains small parts. Keep away from children.

Parts and Hardware:

Assembly Instructions:

1. Attach 2A Stretchers to Lower Frame.
Using 100mm Bolts and ThumNuts™, attach the Stretchers (from Box 2 ) to the Lower Bunk ends as shown below. Be sure the Stretchers are the correct way up!

2. Attach the Strong Back to the Futon Back Deck
Use the 40mm Bolts (from Box 2) to attach the Strong Back to the Futon Back Deck.

3. Carefully lift the Back Deck into position. And place the Bottom Rollers onto the back of the Rubber Sea Horse.

4. Rest the Top Rollers againt the Leg.

5. Gently lift the Back Deck so the Top Roller goes in under the Plastic Cap.

6. Gently Lower the Back down until it is lying flat. It will help to pull on the Bottom of the Back Deck.

7. Hook the Seat 4A Deck onto the Snapper.
Lift the Seat Deck in vertically, so the Pins meet with the Rubber Snapper. The head of the Snapper should fit between both Pins.

8. Pull the Seat over the “Snap Point.”
With the Top Pin inside the notch on the Rubber Snapper, put your foot on the Back Deck and pull the Seat over the “Snap Point”.

9. Push down on the Seat, and the Back will Lift.

10. Attach the Stretchers and Rear Guard Rail to the Upper Bunk.
Tap Wooden Dowels into the ends of the Stretchers and Rear Guard Rail. Using 80mm Bolts and Barrel Nuts, attach these to the Upper Bunk, carefully noting Left and Right hand sides.
Bolt and Barrel Nut Assembly.
– Do not force the Bolt as you may strip the thread. Be sure the thread is properly started.
– Be sure the holes are free of wood chips and saw dust.

11. Attach Front Guard Rail to the Upper Bunk.
Tap Wooden Dowels into the ends of the Front Guard Rail. Use the 80mm Bolts and Barrel Nuts fix it in place. The Front Guard Rail attaches to the Stretcher using the 30mm Bolts.

12. Bolt the Slats to the Stretchers.
Lay the Slats inside the Stretchers as shown below, and Bolt in place with the 40mm Threaded Wood Bolts (total 4 Bolts.)

13. Fix the Remaining Slats with screws.
Use the 30mm Wood Screws to fix the remaining slats to the Stretchers (total 18 screws.) An electric screwdriver will make this much easier.

14. Fit the Upper Bunk onto the Lower Bunk.
Fit the Metal Tubes into the tops of the legs. Carefully Lift the Top Bunk onto the Lower Bunk.

15. Fit the Brackets to the Legs.
Use the 60mm Bolts to fix the Brackets to the Legs.

16. Attach the Ladder to the Upper Stretcher.
Finally, hook the Ladder onto the Upper Stretcher. Use the 16mm Wood Screws to fix the Ladder in place.
Please take note of the warnings shown on page one of these instructions, printed on the carton box and on stickers on the Bunk bed.

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