How to Assemble the Key West Table

Assembled view

This instruction shows Coffee Table assembly. Procedure is the same for both sizes.

Parts and Hardware

assembly instructions

1. Turn the Table Top upside down as shown on diagram. Be sure that the Table Top is lying on a flat smooth surface.
2. Attach the Leg Frames to the Apron using 80mm Bolts and Barrel Nuts. – Leave the Bolts Very Loose!
3. Fix the Shelf to the Leg Frame using the 60mm Bolts. Nuts are already fixed inside the Shelf.
4. When all parts are assembled, gently tighten all the Bolts. Finally lightly tap the Wood Buttons into the Bolt holes.

Helpful Tips: Fastening of Bolts

  • Check that all holes are free of wood chips and sawdust.
  • A screwdriver will help in aligning the Barrel Nut hole with the Bolt.
  • Screw the Bolt in gently to avoid stripping the threads.

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